Christian teaching

Our faith rests on Scripture and some 2,000 years of Christian tradition, but we must also use our own sense of reason and remain open to the promptings of the Spirit of God in Christ to maintain a living faith for today.

Christians have always gathered to worship, finding support and friendship in being with others. One of the essential parts of the Christian experience is to share the Eucharist together in church. By worshipping God in this way, he shares his love with us.

But being a Christian isn’t just about worshipping God. It is also about sharing in the life of the Christian community. We can often experience God through the lives of others, which is why we hold a mixture of religious and social activities at St Mary’s throughout the year.

Please feel free to join us at any of our services or social events.

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Bible Reading Fellowship
Bible Reading booklets from the Bible Reading Fellowship are available from come out four times a year and provide parishioners with thought-provoking passages from the Bible to read at their leisure.

Sue Hillier
01923 779580

House groups

New members are always welcome to join our House Groups. The groups usually meet at each other’s homes for Bible study discussions.



4th Tues: Gillian Baker
01923 775890

2nd Wed: Jane Pummell
01923 774343


Every now and then we run courses which look at aspects of the Christian faith and aim to strengthen people's understanding of Christianity. These are usually held in Lent (early spring) and Advent (late autumn).

Look out for details on this website, in LINK (our church magazine) and the weekly pew sheet.


Exploring Prayer

Held on the second Tuesday of each month at The Vicarage. 7.45pm - 8.45pm. [more...]

Tuesday Night Prayers

Revd Deborah Snowball
01923 772627


We appreciate that there is a certain amount of ceremony surrounding the church and its services which newcomers can sometimes find difficult to understand. If you visit our Did you Know? section you’ll find some interesting and intriguing articles covering a wide range of topics concerning the Church.



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