A quarter peal will be rung each month to celebrate St Mary's 750
Find out more about the bells and bellringing at St Mary’s
Find out more about St Mary's 750

During 2020, local bellringers will ring a quarter peal each month to celebrate St Mary’s 750. Sometimes they’ll be ringing at St Mary’s and on other occasions they will ring in their own towers, spreading the celebrations across the local area.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 at St James, Bushey

1280 Cambridge Surprise Major

in 43m

Tenor: 13–0–11 in F♯

1 Deirdre R Watson
2 Margaret A Burbidge
3 Susan V Gambling
4 Stuart Brant
5 Roger Baldwin (C)
6 Richard A Hunt
7 David Burbidge
8 Brian C Watson