LINK is our church magazine which is published every month (usually on the last Sunday). As well as news about what’s going on at our church, it includes information about readings, prayer cycles and other reports.

Subscribing to LINK

You can get a copy from the back of church at a cost of 50p per issue.

If you would like to take out a subscription, please complete the form on this page and return it to Jane Pummell (subscriptions), a member of the editorial team or the Church Office, marked for the attention of the LINK team.

As a local subscriber, you can collect your copy each month from the back of church, or it can be delivered to you. Please let us know which you would prefer.

If you live further afield, we can post your copy to you. There is an additional charge of £7 per year to cover costs.

The subscription year runs from January to December and each issue is 50p (£6.00 for the year). If you wish to take out a subscription part way through the year, you need only pay for the remaining issues.

LINK is also available by email as well as in a printed format. If you’d like to subscribe to receive LINK in this way, please click the button below. You can receive it in both formats if you wish.

There is no charge for the electronic version of LINK although you are invited to make a contribution to help cover some of the general overheads of producing the magazine, eg, subscriptions to copyright material and complimentary copies for visitors.

Contributing to LINK

The editorial team welcomes contributions of interest to members of the church and the local community. Copy should reach the editorial team by the copy deadline which you can find below or on the last page of the previous month’s LINK.

It is helpful if copy can be sent by email (typed, without any formatting) although we can receive typed or handwritten copy. The editorial team reserves the right to edit copy due to constraints of space or for other reasons; it is not always possible to discuss alterations with authors.

We also welcome pictures and ask that these be provided electronically. They need to be clear with good contrast that will reproduce well in black and white.

Every care is taken to avoid inaccuracies and factual misstatements; opinions expressed are those of the contributors alone and do not necessarily represent the views of the editors of LINK or St Mary’s Church.

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December 2019
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