We launched Friends in Christ in autumn 2019 as a way to build, grow and maintain our sense of community at St Mary’s.

The community at St Mary’s is rich and diverse, attending the different service and activities we offer. Friends in Christ is our way of keeping a caring eye out for our members.

How does it work?

Members of the congregation act as Host Members. They look out for people on a Sunday morning, getting to know people around them. If someone isn’t around for a few weeks, they may make contact with them or perhaps alert a member of the clergy so that they can make appropriate contact.

At all times, Host Members will respect the privacy of members of St Mary’s, being kind and compassionate without being intrusive. Through Friends in Christ we hope that we will ensure people have a sense of being held by the rest of the community in times of need and that they are not forgotten if they are unable to attend services and activities due to ill-health or other circumstances.

Host members also look out for new members of our congregation and make them feel welcome.

Friends in Christ is co-ordinated by Christine Payne. If you’d like to contact her, you can reach her via the Church Office.