750 Trees for Rickmansworth - the first trees arrive
750 Trees for Rickmansworth - learning how to plant our new trees

The first delivery of trees has arrived and we are already well on our way to achieving our target of planting 750 trees in the Rickmansworth area as part of the St Mary’s 750 celebrations.

The trees were given a great start in their new lives with a blessing from Deborah:

Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Psalm 8:1

Lord God, author of creation, we give you thanks for the gift of creation in all its rich diversity. Especially today we give thanks for the gift of trees – found in garden, forest, glade and glen. As we pray these trees on their way – a marking of 750 years of gathered worship in this community – we pray for all who across succeeding generations will enjoy their shade, delight in the rich tapestry of colour they will provide, and mark the presence of wildlife in their branches. We pray you to bless the branches and leaves that will grow and the hands that will tend them and gather their fruit. For your names’ sake. Amen.

Everyone was given careful instructions for planting and caring for the new trees from Russell, a tree consultant and volunteer at Stockers Lake.

Russell then exhorted us all to ‘Go and grow some oxygen!

Massive thanks to John Shaw and Tim Tims who are heading up this project.

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