At the beginning of this new Church year, Father may we ponder anew the great mystery of how your Son came to earth in human form and lived amongst the people of Palestine. Let us imagine what it would be like if he came here to England, even to Rickmansworth, as it is today. Help us to know what he might have to say to us and what he would want us to do.
And so may we be ready to hear with joy the news of your coming once more this Christmastide and be ready to serve you with resolve and confidence Amen.

A prayer from the Methodist Prayer Circular used during the intercessions at the 10.00am service on Sunday 3 November and requested by a reader. It is by Stephen Bales, Equality and Diversity Officer, Cornwall District.

Transform us, we pray, O lord,
from wagers of war to people of peace,
from seekers of self to servants of all,
from sinners trapped to saints triumphant,
from lovers of possessions to possessors of your love. Amen.