As part of the St Mary’s 750 celebrations, we are aiming to plant 750 trees, either ourselves or through encouraging others. These will provide a tangible legacy of this significant anniversary as well as environmental benefits for the community too, contributing to the mitigation of climate change, improving air quality and providing a home for wildlife.

Trees offer a social benefit too: just being around trees makes people feel good. As well as increasing the beauty of our community, we hope this project will create a positive impact in our little corner of Hertfordshire.

Update! June 2020

We are delighted to report that more than 850 trees have found new homes in the Rickmansworth area. What’s more, the ‘I Dig Trees’ scheme is to be repeated this year which means we’ll be able to supply trees to some of the people who were disappointed this year when supplies ran out.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch. Trees will be delivered in November/December.

Unfortunately, our plans to run projects with local schools was unable to go ahead this year. We hope to run a small trial workshop with a group of young people later this year with a view to being able to run more sessions once it safe to do so.

We are currently approaching local schools, environmental groups and private landowners who have access to potential sites on which to plant trees or hedges, as well as volunteers to undertaking planting and maintenance.

We’re also in contact with Three Rivers District Council who hope to plant a number of mature trees as a contribution towards our target figure, as well as identifying a possible site on which individuals can plant trees. Batchworth Community Council has also expressed an interest in collaborating with us on this project.

The initial plan was to focus on planting trees within the parish boundary but initial interest has been so great that we quickly extended the scope of the project to encompass the ‘whole of the local area’. After all, the more trees, the better!

You can!

Everyone is welcome to plant a tree and be part of the ‘greening’ of Rickmansworth so please spread the word!

Local voluntary organisations

If you are involved with any local school, church or voluntary organisation we would love to hear from you. Can you provide a tree (or trees) with a good home? Can you help with planting?

We are putting together a programme for schools who wish to grow their trees from seed. Details of this will be available shortly.


If you’ve got a bit of space for a tree, you can plant one too!

Through the I Dig Trees scheme we have some trees available free of charge that are suitable for small gardens. There’s a list below of other suitable tree suppliers so that you can choose your own species.

We have registered as a community tree planting group with the OVO Energy I Dig Trees scheme run by The Conservation Volunteers. Through this scheme we are able to obtain packs of trees free of charge for local voluntary organisations, nature reserves and landowners to plant. See ‘What sort of trees are we planting?’ below for a list of the trees that can be provided.

For individuals and organisations where only a few trees are needed, we have one of the Small Garden packs from which we can provide smaller quantities. These include:

  • Mountain Ash (Rowan)
  • Bird Cherry
  • Hazel
  • Common Crab Apple
  • Grey Willow
  • Beech (common)
  • Downy Birch
  • Aspen

Please get in touch for more information about these trees and current availability.

Of course, you may wish to plant another species. Here are some suppliers:

Bare root and cell grown trees

Larger trees

Local Suppliers

Trees Please (Corbridge)

The Woodland Trust (Lincolnshire)

British Hardwood Tree Nursery Ltd (Lincolnshire)

Trees to Plant (Selkirk)

Alba Trees (East Lothian)

Ashridge Trees (Somerset)

Barcham Trees (Ely)

Aylett Nurseries (St Albans)

Rowan Garden Centre (Chalfont St Giles)

The I Dig Trees scheme supplies a variety bare-rooted native tree whips (40-60cm long) in packs of 50 trees including:

Parkland English Oak
Common Alder
Beech (common)
Silver Birch
Large garden Downy Birch
Mountain Ash/Rowan
Wild Cherry
Field Maple
Small garden Mountain Ash/Rowan
Bird Cherry
Common Crab Apple
Grey Willow
Wildlife and shrubs Blackthorn
Guelder Rose
Common Dogwood
Goat Willow

See above for details of suppliers of where you can purchase other species.

Most of the trees for this project are being donated by The Conservation Volunteers charity through their I Dig Trees programme. The scheme provides a variety of packs of trees free of charge to voluntary community groups.

Alternatively, you may wish to plant a different species at your own expenses and we’ve listed some suitable suppliers above.

There are some administrative costs involved in running this project and donations are welcomed. We hope to be able to accept online donations shortly. Meanwhile, cheques, payable to ‘Rickmansworth PCC’ may be sent to the Church Office. Please identify your donation as being for the St Mary’s 750 Tree Project.

Thank you.

In general, the best time to plant trees is in the winter.

Our first order of 650 trees will be delivered in January 2020 and will need to be planted straight away.

All the trees from the I Dig Trees scheme will come with information about how to plant them and, of course, how to care for them until they are established.

We will be applying for more trees later in the year, ready for the new planting season at the end of 2020.

Once the trees have been planted for a year, we would also like to follow up with participants to find out how the trees are growing.

We have received orders for trees from:

  • The Canal and River Trust (Rickmansworth branch)
  • Maple Lodge Reserve
  • Friends of Stockers Lake

We look forward to adding your name to this list!

For further information 

Please get in touch with Timothy Tims (01923 770397) or John Shaw (01923 775219)