Let us pray

Although our lovely church building is closed for services during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, prayer continues at St Mary’s.

Each day, Deborah will light two candles in her home. One will be for those affected by the coronavirus and the other for:

Saturday 1 August Community nurses
Sunday 2 August Carers – at home
Monday 3 August Children away from home
Tuesday 4 August Bereavement counsellors
Wednesday 5 August New parents
Thursday 6 August Those close to death
Friday 7 August Houses of multiple-occupancy
Saturday 8 August Transport staff
Sunday 9 August Prisoners and prison staff
Monday 10 August Firefighters
Tuesday 11 August Young people in the care system
Wednesday 12 August Chaplains in hospitals
Thursday 13 August Crematorium and cemetery Staff
Friday 14 August Musicians with no work
Saturday 15 August Those with learning needs
Sunday 16 August Those affected by dementia
Monday 17 August Surgeons
Tuesday 18 August Re-allocated medical staff
Wednesday 19 August All shielding at home
Thursday 20 August Supermarket staff
Friday 21 August Actors and actrsses unable to work
Saturday 22 August Cleaning teams in medical facilities
Sunday 23 August Delivery teams for those shielding at home
Monday 24 August Take away staff seeking an income
Tuesday 25 August All praying for others
Wednesday 26 August Those in need of prayer themselves
Thursday 27 August Any who are alone
Friday 28 August Those living in isolation
Saturday 29 August Food providers
Sunday 30 August Local authority staff
Monday 31 August Members of Parliament