Deborah will be holding services from her home each Sunday at 10.00am during the coronavirus pandemic

We celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost

Sunday 31 May

We celebrate Pentecost

Wear red, gold or white to Worship at Home at 10.00am!

While our church is closed for public services during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, our Vicar, Deborah, will be holding a service at 10.00am each Sunday  using Zoom and Facebook.

You will be most welcome to join her (and fellow members of our congregation) in our virtual world.

Deborah is also organising some mid-week social get-togethers. Scroll down for more details.

Before services and meetings, it will be helpful if you can familiarise yourself with Zoom. Visit the Zoom website where you’ll find details of how to download Zoom. If you have problems, please give Deborah a call and she will be happy to walk you through the process.

For security reasons, you will need a password to join Zoom’d services and meetings. These will be sent by email beforehand. If you aren’t on the emailing list, please send an email to Deborah to request the password.

Sunday 24 May

Worship at Home will take place at 10.00am on Zoom and Facebook. The code and password for Zoom are sent out weekly by email.

You can also dial in to Zoom to participate by phone, even if you don’t have a camera on your phone or computer. Call one of the following phone numbers (the cost is the same as a local call). You will be prompted for the code and password:

020 3481 5237 020 3481 5240 0131 460 1196 020 3051 2874

After the service, you are invited to stick around for social chat using the breakout rooms facility in Zoom. This is a fun way of catching up with people and getting to make new friends too.

Order of service

A prayer for the present time

Keep watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch or weep tonight, and give your angels and saints charge over those who sleep. Tend your sick ones O Lord Christ, rest your weary ones, soothe your suffering ones, pity your afflicted ones, protect your joyous ones, and all for your love’s sake. Amen.

Other activities coming up

Deborah is also organising some social get-togethers and activities on Zoom and WhatsApp. It’s a chance to ‘see’ your friends and even make some new ones.

For Zoom meetings, you’ll need the code and password for each meeting. These are being sent out by email but, if you don’t get them, send an email to Deborah and she will send you everything you need to know!

Saturday 23 May: St Mary’s Bake Off: The challenge will be revealed at 1.00pm. We’ll meet again at 5.00pm to see what you’ve been up to! [on Zoom and Facebook]

Saturday 23 May at 6.00pm: Saturday@6 on Zoom

Tuesday 26 May at 2.00pm: Tuesday@2 on Zoom

Wednesday 27 May at 10.00am: WhatsApp on Wednesday [please text Deborah in the morning if you wish to join the call]

Friday 29 May at 3.00pm: Friday@3 for the family: games, quizzes, art and conversation for families [on Zoom]

Saturday 30 May: St Mary’s Bake Off: The challenge will be revealed at 1.00pm. We’ll meet again at 5.00pm to see what you’ve been up to! [on Zoom]

Saturday 30 May at 6.00pm: Saturday@6 on Zoom

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