In 1553 records show there was a ring of five bells and a sanctus bell; the latter was probably recast to provide the present sanctus bell.

The ring now comprises ten bells, eight of which were recast from the original five in 1765. The third and tenor had to be recast again in 1913 and the sixth in 1964.

The Eighth was repaired by welding in 1979 and again in 1984

The Treble and Second are also inscribed ‘Taylor, Loughborough’ and the remainder ‘Lester & Pack of London. Fecit 1765.’

Weights are in hundredweights, quarters and pounds.

In the Ringing Chamber are boards and cards recording fifteen peals, including one by the Ancient Society of College Youths in 1788.

The weights and inscriptions of the bells:

Treble (5-0-0 F Sharp) To the glory of God, and in memory of my beloved Mother Harriet Alice Millet. 1935
Second (5-1-0 E) The people of Rickmansworth placed me here
To ring out their thanks for Jubilee Year (1935)
Rev W B Belcher, Vicar
Third (6-2-17 D) Recast by John Warner & Sons, London 1913
Fourth (7-0-21 C Sharp)
Fifth (7-3-20 B) Musick is medicine to the mind
Sixth (9-0-26 A) Peace and good neighbourhood.
In gratitude to Frederick W Elliott, for many years Ringer and Tower Captain in this church.
Recast: 1964, Mears, London
Seventh (9-3-14 G) Our voices shall with joyful sound,
Make hills and valleys echo round.
Eighth (12-0-13 F Sharp) Ye ringers all that prize your health and happiness
Be sober, merry, wise and you’ll the same possess.
Ninth (14-0-20 E) In wedlock bands all ye who join
With hands your hearts unite
So shall our tuneful tongues combine
To laud the nuptial rite
Tenor (20-0-20 D) John Warner and Sons, Founders London 1913
I was recast at the expense of Dame Gertrude Dugdale, 1913.
C M O Parkinson MA, Vicar and Rural Dean
G W Walters, H B Couchman, E A Peters MD – Churchwardens
Stephen Salter, Henry Wankford, Daniel Parrot – Churchwardens 1765
Cast 1765
Sanctus (1-2-0 B flat) 1654


Our bellringers ring the bells from 9.15am to 10am and 5.15 to 6pm on Sundays to call parishioners to worship. They meet for practice every Wednesday from 7.30-9.15pm.

The St Mary’s group is part of the Watford District of the Hertfordshire County Association of Bellringers.

If you’re aged 12 or over then please get in touch to find out more about becoming a bellringer.

We also have an active group of Handbell ringers who always welcome new friends to join them.