Why is Moses sometimes depicted with horns? What is an aumbry? Where do angels come from? And what was the Great Schism?

These are just some of the intriguing questions posed within this section. So if you have a nagging question which won’t go away… you might just find the answer here… If not, you can rest assured you’ll come away enlightened and entertained!

These articles originally appeared church magazine, LINK. They were written by our Reader Emeritus, Michael Baker over a number of years.

Thank you, Michael, for all your hard work in researching and writing these articles.

  1. Aumbries and things
  2. Liturgical colours
  3. Evening services
  4. What makes a Gradual Hymn gradual?
  5. Why use wafers for bread at the Eucharist?
  6. Why is water mixed with the communion wine?
  7. Why do clergy wear different clothes for different services? Part 1 – What the well-dressed minister is wearing
  8. Why do clergy wear different clothes for different services? Part 2 – What the well dressed priest is wearing
  9. Why do servers and choir wear special clothes?
  10. What are Readers for?
  11. Why are some parts of our services sung?
  12. Why do we all turn eastwards to recite the creeds?
  13. Why do we have pews in church instead of comfortable chairs?
  14. Why do some people make the sign of the cross when worshipping?
  15. Candle light in church
  16. Why does Moses sometimes have horns?
  17. Why do we have Stations of the Cross?
  18. Everything you ever wanted to know about angels…
  19. Where do angels come from?
  20. Cherubim, seraphim and the rest
  21. How do the other religions relate to Christianity?
  22. What is Islam and how does it relate to Christianity?
  23. What is Hinduism and how does it relate to Christianity?
  24. What is Sikhism?
  25. What is Buddhism?
  26. Non-Christian religions – a postscript
  27. Why do we have to be confirmed as well as baptised before taking Communion?
  28. What is a votive candle?
  29. Why should the Prime Minister choose the Archbishop of Canterbury?
  30. Who decided what was to be in the New Testament?
  31. What happened to the discussions between the Church of England and the Methodists?
  32. What is heresy and how is it different from schism?
  33. Why is such a point made of eating and drinking up all the bread and wine after Communion?
  34. What are the holy oils for?
  35. What on earth is Post-Modernism?
  36. What is the significance of the use of water in Baptism?
  37. What is the Baha’i faith?
  38. Why are crucifixes and statues veiled in church at the end of Lent?
  39. What are the Daily Offices?
  40. What is a canticle?
  41. How was it that the Church split between Catholic and Orthodox Christians?
  42. What was the Great Schism?
  43. What was the Reformation all about?
  44. Is the Church of England Catholic or Protestant?
  45. Scotsmen, Americans and Methodists
  46. Tracts and Tractarians