A Mission Action Plan (MAP) is a prayerful process of looking, listening and reflection leading into planning and prioritising. As part of the process, we seek, with the Spirit’s guidance, to discern both a vision and a course of action.

We first put together our MAP for St Mary’s in 2012, holding a series of workshops at which parishioners were able to discuss what we do and what else we might do as a church. Each year, the United Church Council reviews the MAP and our priorities for the forthcoming twelve months.

Our vision

  • To be a spiritual, prayerful and dynamic church;
  • To be a welcoming, inclusive and joyful church;
  • To be a church serving the whole community.

Our priorities

We based our priorities and goals on the Diocese of St Albans initiative ‘Living God’s Love’ which has three strands:

  • Going deeper into God: Develop a series of initiatives to assist our church to strengthen and deepen the faith and understanding of our congregation.
  • Transforming communities: More actively support our neighbours, particularly the elderly and those with young families.
  • Making new disciples: Offer events and activities to help attract and support newcomers.

Our strapline

“Serving the whole community”