8.00am 10.00am 12.15pm
First Holy Communion (said) Holy Communion (sung)
Second Morning Prayer (BCP) Holy Communion (sung)
Third Holy Communion (said) Non-Eucharistic service Holy Communion (said)
Fourth/Fifth Holy Communion (said) Holy Communion (sung) Holy Baptism (12 noon)


First 10.00am Holy Communion (said)
Second-Fifth 10.00am Morning Prayer

If you’re bringing young people to church, you might like them to join in with our Children’s Church. This informal group meets in the base of the tower during the 10.00am Sunday service (term-time only).

Children can participate in a range of activities including bible stories, drawing, puzzles and toys.

We welcome children from 0-11 although we do ask, if your child is 3 or younger, that you stay with them.

We are always glad to bring Holy Communion to people in their home if ill health precludes attendance at church services. If you would like to receive Holy Communion at home, whether or not you have received Communion in the past or even attended church, please contact the Church Office (01923 721002).