Baptism, also known as ‘Christening’, is the special service at which someone is welcomed into membership of the Christian church. Baptism is a ‘sacrament’ – a visible sign of God’s love – when we thank God for the gift of life.

Typically, we are baptised when we are children and our parents and godparents make promises on our behalf. It is the start of our journey of faith.

When you bring your child to be baptised you will be asked to declare, on behalf of your child, that you believe in God and that you will bring your child up to follow Jesus.

You will be asked to declare that you turn away from everything that is evil and turn to Christ.

By making these promises in front of the church congregation, the Christian community can promise to support you and pray for you and your child.

There is no upper age limit for baptism and we welcome anyone who wishes to make this visible commitment to God, whatever their age.

Baptisms at St Mary’s usually take place at 12 noon on the last Sunday of each month.

For more information about Baptism please contact the Church Office (01923 721002)